Water: how not to drown your air plants

How much do you water you air plants?

We know this is a delicate topic, that’s why we care about it.

Here you can find some simple and helpful tips.

The first important thing to keep in mind is that is always better to give them less water than too much.

Remember that each type of Tillandsia has its own rules.

We will help you to recognize them by dividing them into two groups:

  • Air plants with green leaves (with no fluff on the surface) need more water because they are not able to absorb the humidity from the air by their own. They need to be watered 3 or 4 times per month.
  • Air plants with grey leaves need less water because they are able to absorb the humidity from the environment in which they live. These Tillandsias need to be watered just 1 or 2 times per month.


We always suggest to dip them completely in water for some minutes so that the whole plant can receive the right hydration but if you prefer you can also spray it with much water.

After each immersion be sure to remove the excess of water from its insides in order to avoid any stagnation. You can place your air plant in your favorite spot as soon as it will be dry.


the plant receives less light during Winter time and for this reason it needs less water. In Summer, on the contrary, can easily require a little bit more water.


if you want to cuddle your air plant you can follow these tips:

  • expose it sometimes under the rainwater.
  • dip it once a month with mineral water.


when you buy an air plant don’t forget to ask its name and the instruction about the maintenance. All our air plants will arrive to you with the information attached (name and watering).


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